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“Odisyr” is a suite inspired by SIE Santa Monica Studio’s action adventure videogame “God of War: Ragnarök”. My aim was to combine Greek & Norse mythology into one musical journey.

Part of “Tetrad” my 4th collection album.

All themes are original musical works written, produced and owned by me.

God of War Ragnarök Inspired Suite


Part One “Athanata”
Part Two “Deimos”
Part Three “Machomai”
Part Four “Molon Labe”
Part Five “Exodos”
Part Six “Herja”
Part Seven “Nostos”
Part Eight “Thysia”
Part Nine “Tveir Kosmoi”
Part Ten “Holmganga”
Part Eleven “Hrafn”
Part Twelve “Disablot”

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