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Crysis Remastered Inspired Suite
Part One “Prologue”
Part Two “Airborne”
Part Three “Urban Guerilla”
Part Four “Intervention”
Part Five “Resistance”
Part Six “Odds and Ends”
Part Seven “Velocity”
Part Eight “Cloak Engaged”
Part Nine “Supremacy”
Part Ten “Distress Beacon”
Part Eleven “Second Revision”
Part Twelve “End of the Road”
Part Thirteen “Aftermath”
Part Fourteen “Epilogue”

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  1. Wayne Sanders November 28, 2020

    Amazing song. I saw it pop up on EMW (thanks Kai). I want this song on my MP3 player. ! I don’t use my phone for audio, especially at the gym. I sweat like no one you’ve ever seen, usually listening to something like this. How do I get your music?

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